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Close-up multimeter on PCB plate

Boiler PCB Repair Specialists in Birmingham, West Midlands

Faulty PCB? Don’t worry! Midlands Heating Spares has many years of experience in repairing boiler PCBs. Why not call us, and we can go through the symptoms to make sure where the fault is?


Alternatively, you can visit us in Birmingham, and we can test the PCB for you. If it is faulty, we can replace it with a reconditioned board with a 12-month warranty. 

Extensive Range

Onsite Parking

Highest Standards

Why Pay Hundreds of Pounds for a New PCB?

If your boiler printed circuit board or fan is suspected to be faulty, we are experienced in fault finding and repairs for all makes and models of boilers. Should we find that your boiler circuit board is damaged, we can replace it for you. When a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) fails, your boiler could be rendered obsolete. However, there may be a possibility that your board can be repaired.

PCB Warning Signs - What to Look Out For!

  • Lights flickering on your display panel

  • Burning smell from your boiler

  • No power display on the panel

  • Boiler isn't functioning well

PCB Repair

Repairs and Replacements

Over the years, we have seen that faulty PCBs are often replaced at a price considerably higher than the cost of repair. But it needn't be that way!


Using the latest testing technology in our laboratory, we’ll inspect your PCB (printed circuit board) and provide you with a refurbished PCB.

"Excellent customer service They are so professional, friendly, and helpful. These guys are reliable, and as a company you can trust, you can't go wrong." 

- Jamie via Yell

Ready to upgrade your PCB?

From replacing a single PCB to a multi-layer PCB, we can do it all. For boiler PCB repairs in the Midlands, contact us today.

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